Treatment Goals of Physical Therapy Massage

Physical Therapy Massage Irvine, CA

Most everyone, at some point in their lives, will end up needing physical therapy for any number of reasons. Massage therapy is a proven way to relieve symptoms associated with many illnesses, chronic conditions, and more. A physical therapist can help you manage pain points and get you on track to becoming a better version of yourself. 

When you allow your muscles to relax and destress, you are immediately helping them to let go of the tension and pain as they are being massaged. A physical therapist is trained to treat you safely and effectively. 

What is physical therapy massage?

Having this type of massage can be one of the most beneficial experiences that one can give their body. The main purpose of this massage is to target and eliminate the cause of the body’s pain. This method can increase flexibility, enable the body to relax the stressed muscles, and even improve circulation. 

There are many additional benefits to this therapy, including

  • Overall increased flexibility
  • Aids in recovery of soft tissue injury
  • Reduces stress-causing hormones
  • Helps with depression by improving overall mental health and wellness
  • Relieves pain felt after a workout

When experiencing any symptoms, talk to a doctor about existing concerns and ask them if this type of massage would be a good fit for the situation at hand.

When should I schedule this type of massage?

Scheduling a therapeutic massage at a PT’s office can be done rather easily. Some patients are hesitant to seek out alternatives to help them cope with surgery, illness, joint pain, etc. All that is important to understand is that when done correctly by a qualified professional, recovery from any type of surgery or illness can be quickened. 

A physical therapy massage can be done alongside any other doctor-recommended treatment plans. Many doctors will automatically discuss follow-up therapy to help recover from surgeries such as knee replacements, hip surgeries, any types of falls, or physical challenges you may face from an illness or accident. 

Additionally, those that suffer from stress, depression, or chronic pain can benefit from undergoing physical therapy massages. Talking with a primary care physician is a good place to start as they can recommend the most suitable route for treatment.

This type of massage will have one heal faster while alleviating any existing pain. The muscles will be rejuvenated due to the increased circulation, and this is a game-changer when recovering from any type of surgery. 

Deep tissue massage

A deep tissue massage is another form of massage that specifically targets muscle tension caused by more serious strains, sprains, or illnesses. This type of massage can be done at a physical therapist’s office as well. 

Learn more from a physical therapist 

Massage therapy has many different uses and is the answer to a long list of physical and mental disorders or illnesses. Diagnosing and treating symptoms allows you to get the relief you need promptly. Always discuss with your doctor any concerns you have to determine if this is the best treatment option. 

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